The Story Catcher

Wedding season is gearing up and I am happy to announce the launching of this new website. Hopefully I have listened well to the couples of father time as well as to the great people who helped design a site that is a breeze to navigate and full of organized and useful information for folks tracking down their preferred Celebrant!

A new term for “officiant” that is quickly becoming more prevalent is “Celebrant.” Oftentimes “officiant” can remind people of a rote cookie-cutter type led ceremony, whereas “Celebrant” connotes perhaps an awareness to the significance of properly celebrating through personal stories and meaningful ritual.

Each of us has a story and each story is unique. A wedding is a perfect occasion for portions of the bride and groom’s stories to be told. Christina Baldwin explains in her book “Storycatcher”: “Life hangs on a narrative thread. This thread is a braid of stories that inform us about who we are, and where we come from, and where we might go. The thread is slender but strong: we trust it to hold us and allow us to swing over the edge of the known into the future we dream in words.”

When I think back to my wedding ten years ago, it is with heightened appreciation of people in my life who helped me evolve into the person I had become. Many of those same people were present on my wedding day, empowering me to take my partner and swing over the edge into a future of adventure. This needs to be celebrated for every lucky couple! I will continue to do my part in celebrating love stories…. one couple at a time.

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