Applause For Keith’s Work


The tears that didn’t fall Saturday are falling as I write this… I keep reliving the wonderful ceremony and savoring the individual pieces. In the moment, it was fantastic, but it went so fast! Good times always do. Now in the privacy of my room and without any immediate obligations, I can just let my mind and tears go where they want to go.

You really made the wedding special…we know you had great material to work with, but your guidance gave them the foundation to build on and it all came together beautifully. Keith we know you have as much of a career as you would want and can stand in this ceremonial arena — you created a lovely environment for all of us to be part of (starting with the sharing circle which was absolutely fantastic and which we will all keep vivid in our memories), and your contribution of humor, wisdom, affection, and authority put the whole package together beautifully.

We’re sorry we didn’t get to give you a hug and thanks in person on Saturday night — that part went very quickly too and before we knew it we were getting “kicked out” by the mansion staff… and we realized we hadn’t said good-bye to a lot of people.

We heard all kinds of lovely words from our guests on both Saturday night and then more from the family on Sunday at brunch so we pass those along to you as well…and we all are feeling just super about Jen and Alex and so grateful to have them in our lives! Thanks for bringing your energy and talents to getting them launched royally, and for sharing the joy with us.

Love, Judy and Dan Gordon (parents of the Denver couple)

My husband and I were married August 30, 2008 and were so grateful to have Keith perform the ceremony. We were uncertain about how to go about finding an officiant, but a good friend recommended Keith and after one meeting we were certain he was the right fit for us. Keith guided us in creating the most amazing wedding ceremony, full of special, poignant moments. Because we were looking for help, not entirely clear about what we were doing, he encouraged us to make the ceremony our own and write love letters to one another. Although nerve-racking at first, it truly was the most special thing we could have done and our guests were equally impressed. Keith is so warm and friendly, and has an easy way about him. He was able to get us even more involved in our wedding than we expected. We would always and forever recommend Keith and his services for anyone looking for a wedding officiant.

Keith, thank you so much for your help with our wedding and best wishes.

Karen & Jason McGovern, Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

Keith, you did a spectacular job officiating our ceremony. You made it personal and meaningful. When we began planning our wedding, I hadn’t thought much about the ceremony and its importance – I was focused more on the party that followed. Keith, you demonstrated for us that the ceremony is indeed the most important part of the day, it is the purpose for this day! Jeff and I really enjoyed working with you. Your expertise shinned through as you helped us design a ceremony unique to the both of us, and your guidance allowed us to identify and articulate our love and commitment to one another.

Tara & Jeff Friedman-Milheiser, Denver

Keith, Debby and I were thrilled that you performed our wedding. We were impressed at your ability to get to know who we are individually and as a couple. On the day of the ceremony you graciously met our families and helped set a tone of joy. From your suggestion, Deb and I each read aloud letters to each other describing our love for the other – there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. Keith, you presided over the ceremony with just the right combination of formality and light-heartedness and helped us get a great start on our marriage. We will always appreciate your ability to help us share the story of our love, to our family and friends.

Mark and Debby Hamilton-Baker, Louisville


I have been a guest and bridesmaid at many weddings throughout my life. I have to say that the wedding ceremony you performed for my friends really stood out. The ceremony was memorable and meaningful. Keith, you really seemed to want to get to know my companions in order to make the wedding unforgetable for them and the guests/family. Everything…. including the wedding rehearsal was well thought out and special. You really set the tone for the whole experience with a calm and fun demeanor. I look forward to when you can be a part of my day as a bride!

Jennifer Veldhoff, Littleton

We loved having you as our celebrant and thought you just did such a wonderful job helping us through the process.

Karen & Jason McGovern, Stanley Hotel in Estes Park